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On Austin Ghosts tours, you’ll see the places and stories that hide just beneath the surface of this magnificent city. Peer into the true soul of Austin with the Austin Ghosts haunted walking tour. Our Standard tour takes in 8 downtown locations that all feature verified hauntings and fascinating historical stories on top.

The route will take in the Alamo and remnants of the Indian culture that was here long before Europeans showed up. There are stories from the earliest days of the city in the Nineteenth Century and more modern ghosts, one of which haunts the Capitol Complex Visitors Center’s gift shop!

The wider Austin area and Texas as a whole have some amazing hauntings and some fascinating stories. While we were researching the stories for this tour, we came across some stories that were too far away to walk to, so we included them on our blog to get you in the mood!

We want your tour experience to be as surprising and unforgettable as possible, so we won’t reveal the tour entirely and spoil it. However, if you’re trying to get a better idea of what haunted sites the Austin Ghosts tour includes, here’s a preview:



The Omni Hotel

The Omni Hotel

The Omni Hotel has always been a grand place, offering comfort and luxury to each of its guests in extravagant fashion. For whatever reason, though, it doubles as a magnet for the supernatural. The Omni isn’t the typical ancient, rustic spot you’d expect to find ghosts lurking around; its modern atmosphere makes it appear totally normal…until the ghosts come out to play.

The Driskill

The Driskill

Probably the most famous haunted place in all of Austin, the Driskill has experienced much tragedy, this has led to countless ghost sightings and accounts of spooky things happening. The architecture of this building will make you feel like you’re back in the 19th century, and the stories it holds from that period will send shivers down your spine. Here we will explore the tragedies of the suicide brides, the brutal death of a senator’s daughter, and the inability of the original owner of the Driskill, Colonel Driskill himself, to ever truly leave the halls of his beloved hotel.

The Driskill

Texas Capitol
Extended Tour Exclusive

What do you think is more frightening – ghosts or politics? You may think you have an easy answer to that question, but once you hear the stories that plague this building, you may change your mind. Between the terrible accidents of Ed Wheeler’s 160-foot fall to his death and another man’s conscious cremation, this building carries a history of misfortune and woe. In addition, you will hear the story of Robert Love’s unjust murder and the scandal of the Lady in Red’s secret stairwell trysts.