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Austin has always attracted the bizarre and eccentric, hence the motto, “Keep Austin Weird.” People travel far and wide to get a taste of its unique restaurants and out-of-the-ordinary attractions. What they don’t typically realize is just how weird Austin can get when you throw in the strangest ingredient this city has to offer: the supernatural. Enjoy the city and drink its wine, but once you explore its past, you’ll really start to have a good time. The history of the capital of Texas offers scandalous tales of forbidden lovers, heartbreaking suicides, brutal murders, and freak accidents. At Keep Austin Haunted, we strive to provide our tour guests with accurate, yet chilling accounts of the haunted history of Austin.

Our tour takes you on a journey through Austin’s historic downtown. On our tour, you’ll not only visit the most haunted places in town but discover the history that lived (and lives on) in each building. Every account you’ll hear on our tour has been fact-checked, thoroughly researched, and revised.

By ensuring what you hear from our guides is accurate, the experience becomes that much more unsettling. Our tour isn’t like seeing a horror movie, where you know the entire time that it isn’t real, so you can’t quite get all the way into it. Rather, with every step, you walk deeper and deeper into the grim depths of history.


Although it’s informative, our tour is, most importantly, thrilling. You might experience things you can’t explain: sights you swear can’t be real; sounds that must have a “logical” explanation… some”thing” brushing your arm.

Keep Austin Haunted is a tour suited for all those curious about the haunted history of Austin. Newcomers who’ve never done a ghost tour are as welcome as paranormal enthusiasts. If American history is your favorite topic, you’ll hear facts you might never have learned in any textbook or class. Even those more skeptical of ghosts are welcomed. Our Keep Austin Haunted tour is for all who seek to see America’s weirdest city through a more unique lens.

After experiencing our tour, you’ll leave with:

  • Greater knowledge of Austin: both its history and paranormal activity
  • A different perspective on the overall nature of “our world” versus the “spirit world”
  • Haunting memories from an extraordinary time well-spent

Experience the enthralling after-living history of Austin and become entranced by the magic of the bizarre. Book today.

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Why is Austin so haunted?

As the capital of Texas, Austin has always been a center of significant historical events. This city has been the home of legendary author O. Henry, highly decorated Major General James Earl Rudder, the infamous Servant Girl Annihilator (though no one is necessarily proud of that one), and many more important figures. These key influencers have helped shape Austin to become what it is today, and it seems as though something about their mysterious past seems have kept them stuck in between the real world and the “spirit world.”

Perhaps it’s the way that the dead used to be buried inside of the city walls, or maybe it’s just Austin’s attraction to all things weird. It’s hard to say for sure, but considering the mass of ghostly sightings and supernatural accounts, we believe that there must be unsettled spirits living here.

We believe in the importance of analyzing the past and sharing what we learn with as many people as we can. Tales such as these must continue to be shared in order for us to understand the way things are in this peculiar world. The stories of our history bring us together and most importantly, they teach us what we can do to prevent tragedy and heartbreak from occurring again.

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